My name is Trix and I created this blog as one of my projects for a creative outlet. I’ve always been creative and I’ve always liked writing, illustration, and creative art in various forms. So I decided, hey Trix, why not share it with the world, and why not even go “so far” as to open my illustrated brand along with a blog? And so I did! Or rather, this is a work in progress and my goal! And so was “Hey Trix” born…

This blog focuses on creativity as well as personal growth and healthy productivity and such. Since I’ve struggled a lot in life with self-love and beating up myself for the smallest of things, I’ve become very interested in self-care and how to have a healthy balance between self-care and productivity. Because of my story of surviving abuse and domestic violence, sexual assault, self-harming and such I bloomed late, and now I want to let my wings fly and take me to new amazing places! And here is where I want to blog my journey as well! I’m very interested in self-care, art therapy, and how to coach oneself and I really want to share about things I know here as well as sharing my creative art process and illustrations.

As I said, I consider myself being a late bloomer and my goal is to be a light in the world and cheer people up. I don’t have a typical goal because I determine success a little bit differently than most of society. I just want to spread happiness. That’s all.

I also have a passion for learning and I consider myself a lifelong learner, both in the creative fields, but also in other topics that interest me. I’m learning in psychology, life coaching, neuroscience, botany, herbalism, spirituality, reiki (and other healing techniques), theology, philosophy and so much more! I mainly learn at the Centre of Excellence and even take accredited courses by good instructors on Udemy, but even at other places I’ve found online. We live in an amazing time where we have learning and courses at our fingertips… Right now I’m also in University studying Arts and Humanities and I do so via distance learning as well.

Who this blog is for..? This blog is for all people interested in personal growth, creativity, lifelong learning, and even personal stories from someone else’s life. It’s made to be a safe place for people and I want to raise awareness of disability (because yes, I’m also autistic!), share my own growth and tips with others, and of course spread happiness like I said before.

I hope this first entry wasn’t too messy. I got too excited when writing this, haha!

Oh! And all blog posts before this one are imported from my different old blogs. This blog launched on November 5th, 2023, but I’m working on importing just some of the older posts because I like what I’ve written before and want those posts to be included. But I’m kind of selective when I move over to this blog so if it looks like it’s very long between each post, that’s because I do not move all posts.



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