How I tackle burnout in various areas in my life…

I’m left feeling burnt out in various ways. Emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Just in life overall. I have very little energy right now. So I need to plan how to tackle this, but not in an aggressive way, more a gentle push in the right direction…

I have broken down the things that make me feel burnt out and also written a few solutions and possible ways to change that.

1. Emotional stress

Things that make me emotionally drained are that I say yes to too many social things, no matter if it’s “just” a dinner date with a friend and seeing my partner or big things like visiting the movie theatre or an amusement park!

I’ve decided to check in with my calendar and my overall mood before I say yes to more social events. And when I check in with my calendar I will make sure I have enough personal self-care time in between social events. This also goes for my relationship with my partner. I can’t be a good girlfriend if I do not spend time just with myself regularly.

So I always block out at least one, but ideally, two self-care days each week, since I only study part-time. And on those days I just spend time alone, doing things like watching a “comfort series” on Netflix, meditating, journaling, stretching/yoga/exercising, writing, mindfulness, art therapy, and so on. This is non-negotiable.

2. Psychological stress

My previous traumatic experiences caused me a lot of psychological stress. I’m still working on managing this and figuring out ways to deal with it better. I need to start to prioritize my psychological health more by doing the exercises my therapist gives me or doing the courses in trauma-informed care which I have started on Udemy.

To do this I need to actually schedule these activities and just do them!

3. Physical stress

I’m always feeling bad because I don’t exercise every other day like most people seem to do. I have arthritis so I live with chronic pain. Of course, that makes everything more complicated when it comes to exercising.

I need to take action here. Doing a schedule that works for me. Maybe 5-10 minutes of gentle yoga and some stretching every day (or every other day). I don’t even have a schedule for this right now, but I need to do one. Now.

Sometimes I also feel physical stress over University and my studies, but there I think I just need to find a good work balance. That’s a work in progress…

4. Spiritual stress

Sometimes it feels like I don’t do enough as an eclectic witch or as a Christian person. I want to read the Bible every day and I want to do spells and rituals more often than I do. Just the thought of not doing enough for the universe stresses me out!

The only thing I can do here is to calm myself down and do what I can. To not compare myself with other people too much. I do things when I feel like it and have enough energy. Although I think this is linked to emotional stress. If I have more self-care days I will automatically have more time to do spiritual activities and read more spiritual literature. Because this is the highest tier. When I have the first three things in order I can focus on this fourth part!

I hope this post inspired you to examine your own life and energy levels.



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