And now with the internet, I realize that it is more possible than it has ever been!

I love the responses people are leaving in the comment section of my YouTube channel… Sometimes I have tears in my eyes due to feeling seen and heard by other people. We are not alone, ever! We can share things online and get recognized. We can offer things, either for free or paid (or both!). I always wanted to be an artist. Or, first I wanted to be a doctor, then a psychologist because I didn’t think you could survive as an artist, that it was even a “real” career choice.

Later, in my pre-teens, I started to think differently, though. What would the world look like if art in its different forms didn’t exist? No music, sculptures, paintings, books… and every other creative field that exists out there. It would be an empty world, and still, we don’t take creative jobs as seriously as other jobs… We even “offer” artists to do jobs for free because if it’s fun, you should not be paid for your services or skills, apparently!

I did a lot of free stuff for a long time, and I still do some free downloads for my followers. There’s nothing wrong with that because I chose to do it. But I would never accept a custom order or a commission if I wouldn’t be paid for my skills. Sure, I can choose to create downloads that are free because I made that decision myself. However, to ask someone to do a job for free (or for a ridiculously low price) is just rude and it’s very different.

My comics are free to read and download. My books can be found on a “pay what you want”-website as well. I’m an artist regardless of my income! That’s not the point I’m making. I just ask you to appreciate artists a little bit more if you don’t already do that enough…

Also, I would encourage you to please go and subscribe to your favorite artist’s Patreon and purchase something from their shop. Because this world would be nothing without art!

I decided to put myself out there more. Right now I’m working on opening up a print-on-demand shop on Spreadshirt and maybe even Zazzle and other platforms as well later. I’ve always been dreaming about creating my own illustrated brand. Now I’m so close to that!

I’ve working with YouTube for a while, but an online shop with real physical products (though printed on demand!) is a new chapter in my artistic career. I’ve mainly focused on digital products before, and let me tell you, nothing will make me stop doing digital products! Because they are easy to distribute and they are very practical and needed in their own right. They are also easy to create into freebies since there is no physical material needed to create digital products.

So although I’m experimenting with print-on-demand of physical products as well, it won’t be instead of digital. Just the both. Because I want to exist with my art online. It’s a new step in the right direction of my life, I really can feel it…

Check out my “Trixie and Truls” webcomic:

My digital shop:

Soon I will also share the link to my physical clothing and print store!



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