Some gray hair and wisdom

Web design, mobile app, content creation… There are so many things I’m working on right now – for one life purpose!

I wanted to peek into the blog and just say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME since now I’m 31 and am officially over 30, which means I consider myself wise enough to take some steps in a more peaceful and calm direction. I’m not even kidding. On November 24th I turned 31 and now I know my life purpose. Still not a joke! I know that I want to coach others online, shed some light on disability to raise acceptance, and do content creation for personal growth and finding one’s unique journey.

Of course, I have different art projects going on, like a mobile app and a new website, but everything goes back to spiritual and personal growth. I’ve decided that all creative arts and designs I do from now on will focus on just that. I will still do art and design but they are intertwined with my personal reason and what I want to achieve in the world. Which is helping other people on their self-acceptance, spiritual, and personal journeys. To de-stigmatize mental health problems, help people understand that “goals” and “visions” in life don’t equal how much money you earn, to find peace within themselves…

The first step I want to do is to create a brand new website, but still with my domain which I already own. This won’t affect this blog since this one is on a different domain. I will take my official brand name “Trix Joyce” and find my true brand identity to build a better website. Because I have been a little bit… lazy with this. When I’m done with that I will focus on the mobile app I’m currently developing and making new improved products – which all have to do with personal development – for my digital shop.

I feel wiser than I did a year ago.

I feel more sure about what I’m here for on earth.


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