I’ve come far. If I think about it, I’ve come so goddamn far! Five years ago I would just lay in bed and sleep through the day. Because I had nothing to live for. Now I have more than ever. I have my art, my spirituality, my partner, my friends, my family… I’m working towards something. I have life goals I never had before. Realistic, yet exciting! I want to do more with my art, and writing this blog is one step in that direction. I want to spend more time with my spirituality, but when I think about it I already do that when I’m caring for my plants, doing tarot, praying, and learning herbalism. And also when I’m journaling.

I’ve ordered new planners for 2024, from Hobonichi, which has become my favorite brand of stationery and planner items recently! I honestly didn’t understand the hype about Hobonichi planners until I fell for the temptation to buy one and see for myself. Now I’m lost! I’ve purchased an A6 January start in the English version for 2024, the day-free (which has monthly pages + blank pages), and a Hobonichi weekly mega (mega has extra notes pages in the back and I love to take notes!). I also got my hands on a Japanese version with the One Piece anime theme, which I mostly purchased just for fun. I will use that one as a scrapbook.

I will show all the planners more when they’ve all arrived. They will come in the mail today as it is calculated by Amazon right now!

I think planning is self-care. Just the idea of having a planner – or even multiple planners! – wasn’t something I had a few years ago. Because I never took my life seriously enough and thought that I was worthy of spending my time in a wise way.

Ever since I started to journal I have figured out these kinds of stuff. That I am worthy of having a good life, a structured life (because I like structure), and a safe life! It’s so important to acknowledge your self-worth in this way.

Just this day I talked to a person in my life who also pointed out how far I’ve come. This particular person has seen me since I was 17. Now I’m almost 31. My journey has been long, but now it finally feels worth it!



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