I want to throw out a little update here to say that while it sometimes takes a while between posts I’m still here and I won’t go anywhere. I’m on a journey to discover the best blogging schedule and not only blogging but content creation overall. I haven’t found the perfect schedule for how often I will post yet because it all depends on how my day is that day.

So. My New Year’s Eve was good. I spent it with my partner and friends. I have been thinking a lot about why I don’t want to set any resolutions this year, but only go with a vision board instead.

I have set up my planners and journals though. Because a lack of resolutions does not equal a lack of aims and goals completely! I still have the goal to journal regularly, meditate as often as I can, read books, and drink water among other things.

I also have some bigger projects, like I want to release new music and publish new digital products and a book this year. So naturally I want to spend time working on these things. That’s a goal I have; to spend my time more wisely, and I think I’m making progress.

I just wanted to tell where I’m at right now. I’m also building my website (trixjoyce.com) to include members-only pages and chats, forums, sneak peeks on new things, a personal journal you can read, and of course a lot of freebies. It’s not ready quite yet but I hope soon! It’s some technicalities to take care of just for the moment. I, of course, will announce when the new section of my website is finished.



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