Applying for Art School and exploring my educational journey further.

So I decided that I wanted to change my route of study again.

I started with philosophy, changed to counseling psychology in an Open Degree, and now I’m applying for a degree in Illustration instead. It’s like my brain can’t focus, but now I think I’ve finally “found a home of study”. Because my dream was to be an artist/illustrator but I always told myself that I needed to study something more theoretical because… I don’t know?! Maybe it was because I was discouraged from pursuing art by people around me.

Now, however, I had three universities to choose from. Falmouth University, Academy of Art University, and Open College of the Arts (which is part of Open University where I’m currently enrolled). I decided to go for the Open College of the Arts (OCA) because I simply couldn’t afford Academy of Art University and at Falmouth University it was collaborative modules and I hate collaborating with other students from the bottom of my heart! So it seems like OCA fits my needs the best, from what I can see and since I’m already in OU I think that transfer will be easier for me.

Why an art degree though?

Because I think that’s the only way I can make myself study 20 hours a week! I already create art almost every day so I really do think it will be easier for me to stay motivated and keep up with the work if it’s something I already put my heart and soul in as it is.

If I can gain more confidence and knowledge about art, the thing I’m most passionate about in the entire world, I would be so happy. I didn’t feel like this regarding philosophy or psychology. I just chose something that was a somewhat “cool” subject… Now I want to live my dream.

What happened with the theology, though?

I’m still in UMS. And that works fine! Since I’m studying part-time (just 25%) I think that theology and art can go hand in hand. I already illustrate my Bible, lol.


Do what makes you happy! I really can’t say anything else. Sure, I’m trying things and failing, but I’m standing up again and trying out new things that might work. This time it might actually work!

[The image of this post is a digital drawing I made – a portrait of a friend!]



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