Taking a step back before you can move forward…

I have failed again.

Most of the time it seems like I have a challenge. It seems like nothing goes the way it should. I will not attend art college due to its expensive tuition costs, and I have quit my studies at CLI (I will publish a deep-dive review of Christian Leaders Institute soon enough, just wait!) due to their bigotry and intertwined conservative hateful politics embedded into their theology courses.

A sudden feeling of suicidal ideation entered my mind.

Then I realised; that would be like announcing these bigots as the winners. I won’t let that happen. There are people in need out there, people who need to hear the gospel from a more compassionate point of view. People who regardless of faith (or lack there-of) need community around life circumstances. I want to provide that, I want to show what christlike people really can do. People that affirm queer youth, who believe in bodily autonomy, who are open-minded. I want to create that space.

Instead of killing myself because I once again failed I want to build a ministry that focuses on inclusiveness. These hardships when I get hated on; I will use them for something that is good.

I have already registered the domain name for my very own ministry…

It will include website, blog, community forums, articles, and so much more. I have not all the answers, but I am on a mission to learn more.

I will get back to that later though, when the website is finished. I will work on that instead of getting a bachelor’s degree from a bigoted seminary, because I cannot stand this ill-informed, cruel opinions said by people that say that they are of Christ.

I will show the world a new picture of Christianity. That will be my legacy!

To be continued…

Edit: I realised I forgot to mention that I’m still enrolled in UMS’ Bachelor’s in Metaphysics degree though, so my studies are not entirely gone!


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