Never tie your productivity to your worth!

So I saw a few YouTube videos the other day, as I often do. One from an angry ableist paster who called stay-at-home dads “clowns”, one from a university student who ties all her worth to her studies and hopes that “everybody has a productive week” and one about how you should take care of yourself because you should be “your own cheerleader”.

Guess whose message I resonated the most with? Of course, the person who said that “we are our own cheerleaders”. Because you know what? We should be. If you haven’t heard this today: You Are Enough. No matter what you have achieved or didn’t achieve today.

It’s a real shame that we cannot just exist without tying our worth to what we did that day. It’s harmful because we shouldn’t look at others for what they can do for you. People are not machines and therefore shouldn’t be expected to behave like ones.

You are worthy. You are enough.



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