Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Tricia, but my nickname is Trix, I’m a multi-creative content creator and I work with illustration, storytelling, creative writing, music, video, and coding. Because of my creative nature, I wanted to start a blog to capture my thoughts, creative experiments, opinions, and stuff like that.

I started this blog in November 2023, which is also my birth month. So all the entries before that are moved from my old archive of old blogs.

Why I do both blogging and YouTube

I also do Youtube, but to be honest, I prefer having my own blog hosted on my own server because that makes it more in my own control and I can be more… my own. Sometimes it feels like I polish my videos to the fullest and care too much about the outcome so it goes out of hand and it can take several weeks to put up a video. So a big part of why I prefer blogging is because I can be more myself (also since writing and imagery are more natural mediums to me), but also because a blog post doesn’t take several weeks to create. I can publish long ones and short ones and since it all is hosted on my web hosting service, I don’t feel like I have to perform or be perfect all of the time! With that said, I still enjoy doing Youtube, but Youtube is more where I allow it to take some time between content, and on this blog, I try to be somewhat more active.

My creative journey and who I am

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Who this blog is for

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My goals

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