Trixie and Truls

Trixie is a 16-ish something girl living in her uncle’s old manor with her best (though very grumpy!) friend; a black, talking cat named Truls. 

One day a strange little girl fell from the sky and nobody seemed to know where she’s come from. Now they all have to cope with this mess (she’s quite literally a jumping tornado) and uncover her past. 

We’re also introduced to Trixie and Truls other friends who seem to appear out of nowhere when it doesn’t even suit the situation.

Ways to read Trixie & Truls

Download the comic book (volume 1) on Itch.io: https://trixjoyce.itch.io/trixie-and-truls

Read the ongoing toon on any of the following platforms:

  • Global Comix
  • Ko-fi
  • World Anvil